Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Nars' The Happening Palette

This limited edition palette caused quite a flurry when it was released a year ago, retailing for £45 in the UK. I'd had Laguna at the top of my to-try list, loved all the Nars eyeshadows I'd tried in the past and never owned Orgasm so I thought this palette was perr-fekt for me! 

Off I went ordering this baby from the Nars website and awaiting its sweet arrival. This excitement came to a screeching halt as soon as I swatched it - the texture of Laguna is almost like rubber, very tough to work with and hardly depositing any pigment. Needless to say, I was (and still am) pissed off. I've always been a huge fan of Nars, and even more so now since I found out they were cruelty-free (go Nars! the other high end brands have no excuse not to follow suit), but this was truly embarrassing and unacceptable on their part. How can they release something with such terrible pigmentation? What went wrong Nars?

This palette clearly isn't new, but the purpose of this post is to warn y'all out there and make sure you bear this in mind when ordering Nars palettes in future. You can see in the picture below how Laguna looks splotchy and discoloured :/ The lovely Laura from Caking It On also bought this palette and found the pigmentation to be equally terrible so this wasn't a one time fluke [video where she talks about how horrible she found this palette HERE from the 1:38 mark to the 3:05 mark and blogpost where she talks about how disappointing it is HERE]. Are you listening Nars?

In my palette the pigmentation of Orgasm was slightly better and didn't require as much rubbing to get a decent amount on my brush. Eyeshadow names left to right are: Night Star and Gstaad on the top row, Kuala Lumpur and Coconut Grove on the bottomTheir pigmentation was a lot better than the face powders and I totally agree with Laura that the glitter in Night Star is very chunky and gets everywhere. Gstaad is the only new shade that's exclusive to this palette and it's a gorgeous taupey shimmery brown. I love Kuala Lumpur too, it reminds me of MAC's Trax and really flatters my brown eyes. I took this palette to Glastonbury with me last year as I needed something with a big mirror, a blush, a bronzer and some variety of eyeshadow and this pretty much served that purpose (save for the very difficult to work with bronzer)! I now chuck this in my every-day bag for the same purpose and if I happen to need a day-to-night touch up.

Do I regret this purchase? Yes. This is mainly because Laguna was the number one reason I bought it and the eyeshadows are very dupe-able. Orgasm doesn't wow me either, I've always been a Deep Throat kinda gal.



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