Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mascaras I'm Currently Using -5

If you read my Beauty Epiphany post from a few weeks back, you will know that I'm only using 1-2 mascaras at a time nowadays! To find out why, have a quick read: LINK!

Here are the mascaras I've been using recently, Rimmel's Lash Accelerator and Maybelline's Full 'N Soft waterproof mascara.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator in 003 Extreme Black

I absolutely LOVED this mascara! It's definitely been out for a couple of years now and I thought it was too gimmicky at the time (especially with Zooey Deschanel promoting it) so I walked past it - until now. 

I am SO glad that I picked this up as it's definitely a new favourite. If you're after a mascara that will give you that natural-but-better long fluttery lashes look, try this baby! I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this in the near future.

Pros: doesn't flake, applies in a rich black colour, doesn't smudge, doesn't dry out quickly, affordable. In terms of actual lash-lengthening, I must say that my lashes hardly ever fell out whenever I used this mascara and dare I say it, they looked a tad longer/thicker too! 

Cons: none really! Perhaps they could offer a voluminous option as well? Nonetheless, I love this for a natural daytime look!

Maybelline Full 'N Soft waterproof mascara in Very Black

I've been wanting to try this mascara for years as I've always heard it gives a lovely 'natural effect'. Unfortunately, sub-par 'natural effect' is all I got. If you're expecting this mascara to do wonders for you in the volume department, you are looking in the wrong place. It should be renamed "semi-full and not long at all but soft".

I think also because I tried the waterproof formula, it was a lot more dry and not as fluffy or workable as the regular version either. I honestly don't know what compelled me to try the waterproof one. Perhaps because it rains a lot in England? Who knows. Either way, for something that needs to be purchased abroad, I'm definitely passing on this one. The RImmel Lash Accelerator is 1000x better any day!

Pros: affordable, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge, decent lash separating and slightly voluminous.

Cons: Doesn't do anything outstandingly unique for me to purchase it over other local mascaras. Doesn't really deliver on the 'full' part of its name nearly as much as I expected it to.



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