Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Failed Sleek Haul

It's been a while since I splurged on makeup and we all want to make our money go far, so when I (very gleefully) found myself in the makeup aisles of Superdrug last Sunday, I made a beeline for the Sleek Makeup display. I've always wanted to try out Sleek's complexion products as it's an affordable line that does NOT test on animals. I grabbed two of the Luminaire concealer pens and an Eau La La lip liner - and I'm very annoyed to say that they were all major fails.

At £6.49 each, the Luminaire pens were extremely hard to blend out and clung to dry patches, even when I freshly moisturised before applying. I picked up shades 01 and 02 to use as highlighters with coverage on my under eye area. The packaging claims that they are 'moisturising' and I can assure you, they are not. The formula's difficult consistency had me patting and blending a lot more than I wished to on the delicate skin under my eyes. I also found it frustrating that when you click on the ends of the pens to dispense the product, it takes a minute or so for anything to come out - SO not something you want to be doing in the precious moments of your morning routine! The fact that I purchased two shows me that it's not a fluke that's happened to just one tube. Also it appears that they're repackaging their Luminaire pens as the labels on both are different and so are the boxes.

I'm trying to get my money's worth by mixing them with a drop of moisturiser to make them creamier and easier to blend. It's not great but it'll do, and I cannot wait to use these up!

As for the lip liner, I grabbed the shade Melba which is a bright coral - a shade I didn't already have in my makeup collection. At £4.99 i suppose you get what you paid for? I can tell that they've tried really hard to make it very pigmented and long-wearing (which it is, what you see in the picture is true to colour on the lips), but where it lacks is texture, which almost makes the first two positives totally useless! Even when I apply this liner over moisturised lips, it's still very drying and immediately makes my lips flake - exactly what every girl wants. Then I have to try and save the situation by applying a creamy lipstick, then another layer of lip balm but still, the flakes remain and are, well, gross. 

I'm very disappointed in my little Sleek haul as I was so excited to familiarise myself with the brand and (hopefully) fall in love with the products - I suppose you never know until you try.

- Romy


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