Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NOTD Review - Essie, Deborah Lippmann, Nails Inc.

This blogpost is a review of several nail products I have been using recently:

Essie's Nourish Me Base Coat

I picked up this top coat after being sucked in by the packaging and gorgeous Cinderella-esque shade of the product! I had run out of my Trind basecoat (which was perfectly fine but I am still on the fence about whether or not to repurchase it) and saw this in Boots.

Having used it consistently for the past six weeks, I really like it. My nails are in good condition and it definitely prevents dark colours from staining them. It glides on very smoothly and dries reasonably quick. I like it a lot. 

Essie's Lapiz of Luxury

I've been wearing the Essie shade Lapiz of Luxury quite often recently. I featured it on my blog back in early October in THIS post when I first tried it. Three months later, I stand by my claim that the Essie drugstore formulation vastly surpasses the high end formulation. The brush is perfectly shaped to cover a large expanse of your nail in one go. It is also more curved than angular, which means it's a lot easier to have smooth round edges in your application. 

I absolutely love this cool, calm shade of medium blue. I wear it when I feel like I need to relax a little and mellow down, ha, silly I know ^^. I put it on again last night as you would know if you follow me on Twitter. Here's to the January blues ey?

Deborah Lippmann's I Love The Nightlife

I fell in love with this shade back in the summertime when I first laid eyes on it. HOW gorgeous is that thick, dense metallic deep purple-y silver?? I asked for it for my birthday and thus it became mine 9 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it left much to be desired.

This polish comes out extremely sparse which is a huge disappointment as it's density in the bottle is what attracted me to it. You can see in the pictures that I only applied it to the tips of my nails and even that small quantity is 2-3 coats!!!! I also only applied a little bit because the time before I had on 3-5 coats on my nails to make the glitter look just like how it does in the bottle. Taking that off was a nightmare, it honestly felt like I was slowly pulling my nails off. I do not recommend this glitter polish at all, and at a whopping £16 it is so not worth it.

Nails Inc.'s Caviar Topcoat

I tried a Nails Inc. polish many years ago and absolutely hated the quality of it as it pretty much chipped straight away. As tempting as it has been in recent times to pick up a few of their gorgeous shades that are strewn across magazine pages, blogposts, and YouTube videos, I had that horrible first experience in mind and decided to pass. Thank God I did.

I received this teeny tiny 4ml sample in a Glossybox a month ago and was ready for Nails Inc. take 2. I am sad to report that their formulation has not changed. I had high hopes for this Caviar Topcoat but unfortunately, it chipped right away. It also has a very thin consistency so it does not feel like I've applied a sturdy, thick coat on my nails. I do not recommend this.

Have you used these shades/products? I'd be interested to know what you think (and if you have any tips on removing heavy-duty glitter polish)!


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  1. I need to get my hands on some Deborah Lippmann Sparkles..Very pretty:)

    Sara xx