Monday, November 5, 2012

Daily Face Cream Review

Something I honestly cannot live without is a daily moisturiser with SPF. Keep in mind that I have oily/combination skin when reading my reviews, here's what I'm currently using:

Dermalogica SPF 15 Clean Start Welcome Matte 
£11.79 60ml

I got this sample size as part of a trio in a recent Glossybox and thought what the heck let's give this a go. I was not impressed.

Pros: Lightweight/ doesn't irritate.

Cons: Very gloopy/ horrible plastic-y sunscreen smell/ doesn't really delivery on the mattifying front/very low SPF.

Bottomline: Don't waste your money.

MAC Prep + Prime SPF 50 Day Protect
£22.50 30ml

I bought this after Caking It On said she really likes it. She has oily skin too and claimed it truly keeps her skin protected and matte all day. High SPF and a shine free T-zone?? I couldn't resist! And the best thing is that it actually delivered! I would most definitely repurchase this in summertime, but I cannot justify it for winter. This teeny weeny bottle lasted me 5 weeks of daily use. 

Pros: keeps my skin virtually shine-free all day/ high SPF/ can back-to-MAC-it!/ non-irritating/nice not-too-thick consistency/ gentle scent.

Cons: PRICE.

Bottomline: If you deeply care about high SPF and/or have an oily T-zone, this is for you. 

Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream SPF 20 
£14.50 40ml

Avene is probably my all time favourite skin brand as I have LOVED 4 out of the 5 products I have ever tried and didn't mind the 5th. No other skincare brand has gotten close! While it's a little on the pricier side, at least I know that I'm paying for a reputable skincare product that delivers (what's more important than your own face?). 

Pros: produced by a trustworthy skincare brand/ reasonably affordable/ clean French skincare fragrance/ non-irritating/ SPF 20/ luxurious texture.

Cons: SPF could be a little higher.

Bottomline: If you're looking for a non-irritating and reasonably light facial moisturiser with UV protection for winter, look no further.



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    1. Thanks hun, I did it 3 weeks ago! Here's the link if you want to have a read:

  3. Thanks for the shout out :) Mine's still going strong (being super careful with it because of the price) but will definitely check out the avene one when it runs out xx

    1. Wowza, aren't u worried that ur not putting enough on and thus not getting the SPF50 coverage..? Ha
      I must warn u, the Avene is not as good as the MAC at keeping oil at bay! They do have an SPF50 sunblock of their own which is about £14 n that's next on my list! xx

  4. I was using Clean Start every day until I stumbled across a much better, milder SPF one from Monu: