Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Heart This Sunblock !!

This post is dedicated to my all time favourite body sun block, you guessed it, Piz Buin's In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray SPF 30!! 

I purchased a new one this week as mine is on it's way out and I wanted to share with you why I love it:

1. It really is "ultra light" and does not feel greasy at all. 
2. It smells FAHB-ulous dahling!!
3. It has a clever twisty opening so you don't have to fuss with bottle caps or lids.
4. I haven't been sunburnt while using it so far!
5. Trés chic packaging!
6. Less than £8 at Superdrug. 
7. Paraben-free
8. This one is a bit of a nostalgic one but it will forever remind me of Cannes as that's where I first used it!

I love this product sunblock SO very much and would definitely recommend it if you're on the market for a new body SPF!!



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